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About Me

Hello, friends! This is Roni. I was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas but moved to the Northwest Florida region in January 2022. *passes the microphone to the announcer*

This former special education teacher decided to make the move to pursue more music opportunities as well as scuba diving! Now a PADI certified instructor, she takes individuals on scuba tours. When she's not sharing the wonder of the aquatic world below us, she teaches and performs music with the following instruments: cello, violin, viola, mountain dulcimer, guitar, ukulele, piano, voice, and clarinet. Using a loop pedal, Roni is able to be a one-woman band to sound like multiple instruments and voices.


Click the MUSIC tab to find examples of this. She's played in symphonies, duets, quartets, and other groups playing primarily orchestral music. Other genres include country, bluegrass, rock, heavy metal, thrash-grass, surf rock, and much more.

“Keep dreaming, child, the wind will never cease. Dreams lose their wild when locked up like a beast.” - Roni Worcester

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